How much food can you carry

Last night I went to an all-you-eat Chinese buffet with friends.  This place is a pretty decent buffet.   They are just busy enough to keep the selection fresh but not so busy that you have to wait to get it on sand in line for the General Tso’s Chicken.   the place is easy to get to with lots of parking and a nice atmosphere to enjoy the company of friends.  The restaurant is nice, the restaurant is also not the problem.

The problem is, some of the people who frequent this place and other restaurants like it……

It’s an all you can eat buffet, not an all you can carry.   This place (and most buffets I have visited) keep an ample supply of everything they have to offer flowing and available.   They don’t tend to run out very often.  In fact, this particular Chinese buffet has never run out of a selection to the best of my knowledge…..

With that in mind, why do so many patrons continually fill their plates with so much food that leave of trail of spillage back to their table.   And once at their table, the eat about half of what they took and still go back for another enormous plate full.

The other night one of the selections was crawfish, not that much of a Chinese delicacy as much as I do live North of Houston.  Two people, a matching husband and wife I assume, matching because they were both bigger than me (and that’s scary), husband and wife because they were sitting together.  Of course, I guess they could have been friends, brother and sister, neighbors, etc… I didn’t stop to ask in fear of being devoured.   Getting back to the crawfish….

These two individuals not only filled their plates to a capacity far exceeding the plates design, they emptied the entire tray of crawfish.  I should complain because I don’t eat crawfish.  I’ve watch friends eat crawfish and that alone was enough to convince it wasn’t something I am ready to try.    However, there were people in line who as shocked as me that these two left nothing behind.  Kind of like locust that specialize in seafood…

They could have easily made multiple trips and left a few for others.   Plus multiple trips would have also meant that the percentage of crawfish that remained on their plates all the way to their table would have been much higher.

Note here:  I saw go back a repeat this show one more time before we left.

My point is, why do people take so much and so often not even finish what they take.

Do I take a lot?  No.    Do I eat a lot at a buffet?  Unfortunately, yes.   However, I do it over the course of many many trips.   I figure the short walk is just enough exercise to justify eating more.   I am also a bit (not a big bit) of a neat freak.  It would not only drive me crazy  but also embarrass me to have food falling off my plate as I walked back to my table.

The moral; people stop me such _ _ _s.   There’s plenty of food at most buffets to allow you to graze the entire night if you chose.  You don’t have to get (eat) it all on your first pass.  Should buffet run out of an item that you cannot live without, even though there are 30-40 other things to pick from, tell someone.  I am pretty sure they will do their best to refill your favorite tray as quickly as possible, assuming they are an OK restaurant to start with and value returning customers.

Now I just made myself hungry… time to raid the frig… again…


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