When are you going to answer that e-mail I sent you?

Ever find yourself asking that question?   I do… well not to the actual person in most cases,  but I do hear myself saying it in my head all the time.  However, is it a fair question to ask, even if you are not asking it out loud?

I often forget that all people are not addicted to e-mail and social media apps as badly a I am.

There, I’ve admitted.  I addicted to be connected.

It drives me crazy when I send someone an e-mail and I don’t hear back from them for days.  That bazaar anxiety even carries over to when I post a message on Facebook, DM someone via Twitter, or even if I am just sending them a text message.   I need immediate satisfaction, I NEED a reply.

Sound weird?  Well, maybe.  However, I am also that guy that gets all excited even when the snail-mail gets delivered, even when that snail-mail delivered turns out to be just junk mail.  I’m also that oddball that opens everything for fear there’s a hidden treasure in one of those obscurely labeled envelopes.

I guess I have a need (maybe even an unhealthy need) to be connected to the outside world… Maybe I just spend way too much time in my office…. LOL

But getting back to my e-mail and social obsessions, I always forget that I sit at a computer for 8-12 hours a day during the week and probably another 5 hours per day on the weekends, or within a stones throw from my iPhone or iPad.  They’re always right there in front of me.   Whenever I’m notified that I have mail or a new message, I have the opportunity to immediately respond.   Sometimes, I can even respond too quickly… (but that could be an entire other blog post)….

I am working on cutting the rest of the world a break though, trying to convince myself that everyone isn’t responding because they don’t have immediate access to a computer.

But wait… we all have smart phones now.   I can get my mail, or at least most of my mail, on my smart phone.  Depending on which smart phone I’m carrying, I can even get to my work mail if I want.

All of my social applications are also on my phone.  In fact, the social stuff is probably easier to access on my phone than on my computer.  Although I do HATE typing on my phone.  Thumbs are too fat and awkward… I end up hitting the wrong letter about 1/3 of the time… and worse yet, my phone is constantly trying to watch out for me by correctly my spelling.   I still haven’t figured out how it comes up with some of its spelling correction based on what I had just entered.   That’s another mystery for us to discuss in the future in a different blog post.

For now, I actually want to apologize to everyone for expecting you to spend your entire day waiting to respond to one of my mails or messages…. even if I am only getting upset in my head.

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